6 Non-Compliant Graphic Novels to Bolster Your Resistance

by Christian Nicholson

The current political climate makes me want to scream.  Sometimes I do.  Then I go back to the business of selling comics to kids, which is the best reason for why we opened a comic book store.  The second best reason for why we opened a comic book store was to make super boss recommendations to the public at large.

The titles on this list won’t help you escape political toxicity, but they might help you realize the Resistance is real, that writers and artists are leading the way, and what is happening right now is another chapter in a very long struggle, that began before we were born and will continue after pass.  Maybe if we get this right, we won’t leave so many problems for our kids.  Resist.


Bitch Planet Vol 01 Extraordinary Machine Trade Paperback

Bitch Planet takes place in a sci-fi dystopian future where autocratic technocratic misogyny is institutionalized.  It reads as satire, but only just, and manages to tread the fine line between exploitation and exploitative.

The back copy reads:

“Are you too fat, too thin, too loud, too shy, too religious, too secular,  too prudish, too sexual, too queer, too black, too brown, too whatever-it-is-they’ll-judge-you-for-today?  You may just belong on Bitch Planet.”


March Vol 01 Trade Paperback

Congressman John Lewi has written an extraordinary trilogy of autobiographic graphic memoirs regarding his present life reflecting back on his time as a leader in the sixties era civil rights movement.  His works, as well as his books, serve as shining examples of what we can accomplish.


Maus A Survivors Tale Vol 01 My Father Bleeds History Trade Paperback

You probably heard of Maus before.  Contemporary context may provide fresh insights.


Ms. Marvel Vol 01 No Normal Trade Paperback

We are all Kamala Khan.  We’ve all had weird parents, and struggled to find our essential selves in a hostile world.  The differences are in the details.  What we don’t have are her super-powers or her heart and sense of humor, but we could strive to learn from her metaphor and her example.


Transmetropolitan Vol 01 Back on the Streets Trade Paperback

Transmet came out a while ago and seems oddly prescient.  The kicker is that it was conceived as an over the top sci-fi satire of modern popular culture.  Spider Jerusalem shows us what gozo journalism looks like.  If we don’t see it pretty soon in life, we can learn what it means here.

Love Is Love Trade Paperback

Our hearts are still sad from the unconscionable loss of life in Orlando, Florida at the Pulse Club on September 14th 2016.  Fortunately, comics creators from all over the spectrum of comics came together to help us through.  We will never forget.



Welcome to the Resistance

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