Two Cats Notes Three Pack

Two Cats Notes Three Pack


We make these notebooks by hand from recycled comics.

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We make these notebooks by hand from recycled comics. Sold only in bundles of three. If you need more notes, buy more bundles. We take care of the shipping costs so you can worry about other things, like what you are going to write in your notebooks. Notebooks measure roughly 3.5” inches by 5.5 inches.” The non-spine corners are rounded. You can easily put them in your pockets without stabbing yourself in the butt or other sensitive bits. Write inside or outside of the graph paper lines on the 18 double sided interior pages. All proceeds go towards helping us take over the world one comic book at a time. Because we make these by hand from actual comic books, there are irregularities that are part of the charm. Please also note that each of Two Cats Notes is unique. If you see someone walking around with one that looks like your, they probably stole it. Currently we are only selling random assortments. We appreciate that you might have a favorite title or character, but if you happen to get it, it will only be blind luck. All notebook cover images are pre-selected for awesomeness and (almost) guaranteed to be safe for work.


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